This is an About Me page, but really,
it’s about you.
Are you a business owner or an aspiring one? Wondering if I'm good, or full of shit?

I recorded a quick video telling you all about me. And most importantly why my skills are all about you and what you can get from me.

Here are some bullet points if you're in a hurry:

notebook-iconDigital Marketer/Paid Traffic Specialist
money iconManaged over $25M in FB/Google Ads
startup iconPrevious Founder of 3 Startups - Scout, Chillabit (VC funded), and MusicforWorld
yc iconY-Combinator Alumni
comma icon2 Comma Club Award Winner - making over $1M from a single funnel
podcast iconPodcast Host - rated #11 on Top 21 New Podcasts to look out for in 2021
maps iconNomad (24 countries and counting!), currently in Vancouver 🇨🇦


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