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David Malka
Founder, Endless Options
"His commitment levels, his knowledge, he has no ego attached to what he does"
Liron Shapira
Founder, Relationship Hero
"He managed our Facebook and Google ad spend, and we were really ramping that up so he ramped it up to 100k a month"
Jason Freedman
Venture Partner, Peak State
"He's incredibly dependable and he leaves clients with this level of love and appreciation and wanting to pay right back to him"
Sahr Saffa
VP Canadian Operations, AutonomIQ
"Can you spend 5 hours on a road-trip with this guy' and the answer is yes with Sabby. So happy to call him my friend"
Mike Graziano
Founder, Global Degree
"His knowledge in the tech space and his understanding of the landscape is unbelievable"
Kenny Hanson
Founder, MentorPass
"Sabby's absolutely one of the best especially when it comes to all things marketing and digital marketing"
Dillon Forrest
Founder, RankScience
"He's someone I can expect to do business with for a very long time and I highly recommend every single person consider doing business with him"
Shubham Sharma
Fullstack Growth & NoCode Youtuber
"I learned a lot from Sabby, thanks a lot man"
Josh Gaskin
Founder, Plus 2 Clothing
"He's just really good at putting all the pieces together like Google Analytics, Adwords, the on-site stuff"
Uzair Ahmed
Founder, InstaMek
"He's the guy that I trust the most when other marketers come tell you all their BS and how they can do all this stuff for you"
Alex Napier
Founder, GorillaFlow
"He's a cool guy he's intelligent, I value his integrity."
Kyle Kaiser
Product Manager, Shopify
"He was able to bring our customer acquisition cost down by I think it was around 30 times"
James Sinka
"If you have the pleasure of working with Sabby, I highly recommend it and I can't wait to work with him again."
Ben Lavin
COO, Fitstet
"I would highly recommend him for any of your online marketing needs"
Ivan Baretto
Senior Software Dev, Clio
"Every time I see him working on something new, he's always giving it a 110 percent"
Jason Knott
Design, Shopify
"If I ever had the opportunity to work with Sabby again, I would do it in a heartbeat."